Color has no business in business, but a good business has color.

Hire Black.

Between 1971 and 1973, my father Edward Barnett was part of an effort to promote hiring black artist in the Bay Area. Below are the images from this promotional brochure.    

I'm really proud of how progressive and bold my father's work was. 

Set you sights on this.
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Francisco Newman   Freelance Producer & Director

Francisco Newman
Freelance Producer & Director

Clarence Towers
Freelance Photographer & Cinematorgrapher

Hire Blacks.

This is second in a series of dirt mail pieces featuring Black commercial talent in the Bay Area. The union of Blacks in Media creates these mail pieces to draw your attention to the wealth of talent that has been virtually ignored by the communications industry.

The Union of Blacks in Media is a nonprofit organization made-up of Balck professional and students working to create favorable change in Media. We’re acting as a vital communications channel between the Black community and the industry. And we’re working to make communication industry’s claim of equal opportunity a reality.

Our telephone line is always open to asset you in making contact or getting further information. Call 839-5028